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The Church is named for St. Hilda, Abbess of Whitby in 650 AD. Her festival day is November 17th.

The following is taken from the notes of the Rev. Thomas Jenkins, D.D., the first Vicar of St. Hilda’s and from information supplied by the staff at the Independence Heritage Museum and the Monmouth Public Library.

“…not alone to administer to our own people but to present the catholic faith to the great body of students, who were, as it seemed to me, without any understanding knowledge of it at all. Consequently, on being appointed General Missionary with special charge of Washington, Yamhill and Tillamook counties, I added Polk county and on March 1, 1925 held the first church service ever held in Monmouth; celebrating the Holy Eucharist and preaching. We used the Odd Fellows Hall, where service is still being held (1927).”

He also tells that in 1926, $500. was raised from local sources toward the purchase of a Chapel site and the Women’s Auxiliary of Massachusetts gave a communion set and $100. for the altar.

The first Baptisms and Confirmation were administered in May, 1927 by the Rev. Jenkins, Vicar, and the Rt. Rev. Sumner, Bishop of the Diocese.

Polk County and the city of Monmouth records state that the present church was built in 1934 and dedicated on January 27, 1935.

The BAC members who were involved with overseeing the building project were Miss Bertha Bainard, Mrs. Anna Sevier, Miss Helen Anderson and Dr. L.E. Forbes.

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