What We Care About

The people at St. Hilda’s care about each other, the community and our natural world. They care about their relationship with God and the journey we take together finding meaning in life. St. Hilda’s is a member of Welcoming Congregations and Integrity, the Episcopal group that supports LGBTQ persons.

St. Hilda’s is a small and loving community of  faith that  hopes to welcome you!



to a faith community that honors the diversity of all people and strives to offer everyone the compassion and openness of Jesus. We are old, young, single, partnered, straight, married, gay and widowed.


and celebrate the spiritual fulfillment of all people                                                                                           whatever your cultural heritage, diverse physical and mental abilities or spiritual experience


We envision a world of inclusion and freedom for the lesbian, gay,                                                                  bi-sexual, transgender and questioning community and we welcome everyone through the doors of St. Hilda’s Episcopal Church


the Christ invites you to meet him here.

St. Hilda’s Integrity Statement, September 2012

Integrity USA

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